Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a warm, welcoming, friendly and tranquil space for our students to explore the many facets of yoga and themselves. We encourage realness, personal inquiry, and are here to foster your growth. We are committed to making the practice accessible for every unique body. You will not find dogma nor judgment.


Our light recognizes that same light in all of us.

Yoga Daily Class Schedule

Our Studio

Our studio is conveniently located just off the IOP Connector /HWY 703 in the Shoppes at Seaside Farms Shopping Center in Mount Pleasant, SC. We are minutes from the beautiful beaches of the Isle of Palms. About 5 miles away are both historic Sullivan’s Island and Wild Dunes Resort. Downtown Charleston is an easy 10-15 minute drive away.

We have ample free parking and there are several highly recommended restaurants within walking distance of the studio.

New to Yoga Daily?

We welcome every body to experience the connection that comes with yoga practice. Everyone has different reasons for coming to the mat and we are here to guide students of all ages and levels into their own unique experience. We hope all our students leave class feeling accomplished and enlivened, both in the mind and body. In order to leave that way, you first have to experience a class! Everyone had their day one at yoga daily, you can too!

Upcoming Events and Workshops

Expand your practice and deepen your understanding with more than just daily yoga classes at Yoga Daily. Join us for our special events and workshops to learn more about your practice and yourself. Offering workshops such as The Handstand Journey, Chakra explanations and meditations, and massage-infused yoga practice, you will find our events enliven your body, mind, and soul.

Read the latest on the blog of musings, meditations, and meaning gleaned from thoughtful and daily yoga practice

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You Are Not Your Body

One of the keys to recognizing your true self is to recognize that you are not your body.  There are...
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You Already Are

In the quest to practice the fullest expression of yoga, the student is seeking to join the physical and the...
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Why Do We Take A Nap At The End Of Yoga Practice??

Savasana, also known as nap time, is actually a fully conscious pose.   The student is striving to achieve a fully...
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Understanding Chakras As a Gateway To Better Understanding Yourself

Why is this chakra chart hanging on the wall of our yoga studio, Yoga Daily in Mt. Pleasant, SC?  ...
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Visions are sometimes a part of the spiritual journey.  For me, visions sometimes occur while I am asleep, but they...
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Why should I breathe only through my nose?  It is hard and it doesn’t feel natural when I am stressing...
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What is Yoga?

YOGA:  to join together as in the yoke that joins two ox together to pull a wagon; union; the joining...
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I love Yoga Daily!

The ambiance established by Tricia and the other instructors is warm, welcoming, and one of complete acceptance no matter the experience level of the student. Yoga Daily is all about what you - the student - want to achieve from your yoga experience. The variety of classes appeals to all levels!

-- Sharon Bond

WOW! This studio is amazing!

Every expectation I had was met and then some. All the instructors are friendly and helpful and make you feel comfortable regardless of experience level. Thank you Yoga Daily! I WILL be back! 🙂 P.S. I LOVE that I can book my classes and buy my passes on the MINDBODY app!! Super Convenient being that I travel!

-- Jonathan Gosvener

Quite Transformative!

Yoga Daily is a wonderful space, naturally lit and spacious. I took a special two-hour class that was a combination Yoga and massage therapy, with two teachers. It was quite transformative and I will go back for more!

-- Elizabeth Boyle


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