Frequently Asked Questions and Studio Policies

What is yoga?

Yoga is not work-out it is a work-in. Yoga is a multifaceted approach to life. Yoga or “yuj” means to yoke or bind or unite. Through Patanjali’s 8 Limbed practice, we harmonize our inner and outer layers of self as well as our relationships to our community and to nature. Yoga gives us guideposts for living more healthily, mindfully and peacefully.

What is OM?

OM / A-U-M is considered to be the original sound from which all other sounds emanate. It is the sound of creation and life. We chant Om before and after practice, to create unity of breath, sound, and vibration, reminding us we are connected to each other, and the unifying power of the universe. This also delineates the time we set aside for our practice from the rest of the day making it special. The OM symbol represents the three states of consciousness, waking, sleeping, and dreaming, as well as the universal consciousness that underlies and connects everything.

Namaste - Huh?!

Namaste is a word of greeting. Namaste means “to bow” and is considered a greeting from the heart that is reciprocated in kind. It is in common usage on the streets of Nepal and India even in modern times, and is generally accompanied by drawing the hands together and slightly bowing the head. Namaste recognizes the innate inner light and goodness of the self and others.

What should I wear?

We keep the studio between 76 – 80 degrees for most classes, so bear that in mind when dressing for class. We suggest comfortable, form-fitting, stretchy clothing allowing the instructor to check your alignment. Most women wear a tank or tee with leggings and men wear a tee with shorts. Do plan to practice in bare feet and remove jewelry. We also ask you PLEASE refrain from wearing heavily scented lotions and any perfumes in respect for those who have sensitivities to fragrances.

What if I am NOT FLEXIBLE?

Then you are the PERFECT candidate for yoga!! Yoga meets you where you are and helps increase mobility, strength, endurance, relaxation, compassion, self-awareness.

What should I bring?

We recommend purchasing your own yoga mat if you plan to practice yoga regularly. It is more hygienic and encourages a home practice!! We do have Manduka Yoga mats for a $2. rental fee. If you are attending a Vinyasa class, you may want to bring a hand towel and water, though we suggest you drink before and after, and not during practice.

When should I eat/drink water?

Plan to practice on an empty stomach. If you need a snack, eat a piece of fruit or something light before class. One of the benefits of yoga is its detoxification of the body. Drinking lots of water will help flush the toxins out of your system, so do hydrate well both before and after class. As you don’t want to extinguish all the internal heat you are trying to build during class, if you need to drink while practicing, take small sips. Drink up when you’re done!

Can I leave during class?

In order to keep disruptions to a minimum, please plan to arrive a few minutes EARLY and stay for the entire class. We understand sometimes things happen, but please keep these times to a minimum. Our classes sometimes begin and or end with a meditation-please do not walk through the practice room during these times.

If for some reason you do need to leave early, please let the instructor know in advance. Please do not leave DURING MEDITATION OR SAVASANA – leave before – if you must leave early. You are, of course, always welcome to enter and exit the studio (quietly, please) during class to use the restroom. 

How often should I practice?

We suggest getting into a routine. It’s better to come regularly than to practice 3 days in a row and then skip two weeks and come 3 days in a row and skip a week…. Include yoga in your weekly schedule. Put in on your calendar and commit to it. At the start maybe it’s once a week. We suggest at least 3 times a week to see the results more quickly. Once you are hooked, it is completely okay to come 6 – 7 times a week. Consider our RESTORE and SWEET & LOW DOWN classes on days when you just need to relax and refuel your battery.


  • If purchasing classes online for another student, please register that student and purchase under their name if they are to use the pass.

  • Discounts for local yoga teacher (on local schedule 2 classes/week), Food & Bev (with paystub & ID), Military, Seaside Farms business owners & employees (with paystub & ID) Discounted classes MUST be purchased in the studio with ID.
    • Drop-In Classes $15.
    • All Class Passes $10. OFF

  • Class Passes may not be shared, transferred, frozen or extended. No refunds. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please do not purchase our unlimited pass options if you plan to travel, give birth or have surgery. Better to buy our 5 or 10 class passes which DO NOT EXPIRE!!!

  • Online Class Registration: 30 Minutes-Please cancel via MindBodyOnline no less than 15 minutes prior to class or you will be charged a drop in rate or a class will be deducted from your pass.

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I love Yoga Daily!

The ambiance established by Tricia and the other instructors is warm, welcoming, and one of complete acceptance no matter the experience level of the student. Yoga Daily is all about what you - the student - want to achieve from your yoga experience. The variety of classes appeals to all levels!

-- Sharon Bond

WOW! This studio is amazing!

Every expectation I had was met and then some. All the instructors are friendly and helpful and make you feel comfortable regardless of experience level. Thank you Yoga Daily! I WILL be back! 🙂 P.S. I LOVE that I can book my classes and buy my passes on the MINDBODY app!! Super Convenient being that I travel!

-- Jonathan Gosvener

Quite Transformative!

Yoga Daily is a wonderful space, naturally lit and spacious. I took a special two-hour class that was a combination Yoga and massage therapy, with two teachers. It was quite transformative and I will go back for more!

-- Elizabeth Boyle