That is our natural state, a state of being where we simply accept and radiate Love effortlessly.  This is a passive state of being, no work needs to be done, no intention needs to be set, just sit and Be.  As you accept Love and Light, the Love and Light naturally intensifies within you, and everything falls into place.

Remember a time as a child when you scrapped a knee, an elbow or your chin.  Your mother or someone close to you held you in their lap and consoled you.  Do you remember that feeling?  You were simply being loved as the pain and fear dissipated.

You didn’t need to explain how you were injured.  It didn’t matter.  The only thing that mattered was being loved.  No judgment was applied to you, you simply sat and accepted the Love and Light.  Yes, that is our natural state of being.  At that moment, you and your comforter were the manifestation of the Love and Light of the Oneness that defines us all.  Even if just for a moment, the two of you were One.

Then why is life so damn hard??  That is of our own doing.  Everything within our existence that is outside of Love is outside of the Loving Oneness of Source.  For sure we carry that Love and Knowledge with us, but as we expand our own existence, we soon lose sight of our Truth as our judgments block our vision.  That is why spiritual evolution requires that we abandon our judgments.

I wrote about a poem on June 7, 2019 that was given to me in meditation, “Live, Love, Know”.  It is on the wall of our studio and it is available on the Yoga Dude blog through the link below.  The message in the poem is to “radiate Love to all that walk with you”.  By definition, that can only be a passive act.  Does a candle actively radiate light only to the areas that it is aware of?  Of course not, a candle simply is and its light radiates to all.  We are no different.

As we are Loved, we become stronger, calmer, more confident in who we are.  We all heal in the same way the injured child is healed, by sitting and accepting Love.  Only then do the judgments fall away and our Light radiates to all we walk with.  Only then are we able to truly heal each other.

Now we are doing yoga…


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