That was the question I asked Source this morning.  Where do I go from here?  I feel like I am stuck, making no progress, not making a difference in the lives of others.  What’s the point?  Show me the way from here….


I expect I am not alone in asking these questions.  The challenge of life can be overwhelming.


As a child, I used to love to follow paths in the pine forests of the Carolinas.  Typically, the paths are faint depressions in the pine straw floor of the woods with tuffs of pine straw kicked up every few feet.  Hunters call them rabbit trails or game trails, but to me, they were a wonderful adventure into the unknown.  They would disappear into a thicket or continue across a creek and over the next hill.  I never knew where the paths would take me.  Sometimes they would simply disappear in the forest as if whatever made them took flight.  Sometimes they would end in a clearing and sometimes they would end in an area where the animal had slept for the night.


I remember once following a path for what seemed like hours and it brought me to the edge of a large field and a neighborhood that I had never seen before.  The houses, the streets, and the children were all new to me.  In reality, it was simply a neighborhood a few miles from my house, but I had no idea it existed.  I felt like I had walked out of my world and into a vast new world filled with new sights and sounds.  It was magical and my only way home was to follow the rabbit path that had brought me there.  I had no fear that I could make my way back home and the gift of a new “reality” to explore was before me.


Had I not followed the path without fear and with a sense of adventure, I never would have experienced that place.  I have memories of playing in that field and making friends from the adjacent neighborhood.


Isn’t that the perfect metaphor for life?  Are we not here to take the path less traveled?  It truly is the journey, the adventure, and not the destination.  It is the sharing of Love, Life, and Truth with all you encounter along the way that matters.  The path Home is always waiting for you at the edge of the field.  Experience all that you can and savor the richness of the journey, for that is your true calling.


Oh, and my answer from Source to my question?  It was clear and immediate.  Follow the path before you.


Now we are doing yoga…




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