My dog Archie likes to stand on my chest with his two front paws whenever I am lying on the floor.  Every time he does it, I can hear him whispering “I am the boss of you”.  Archie is a very smart red-haired poodle, but he doesn’t understand.  As far as Archie is concerned, he is in control of everything.  If you don’t believe him, just watch as he runs down the beach until he is just a speck on the sand, turns around and shouts “See old man, I can do anything I want to do!”.

My body suffers from the same illusion of grandeur that inflicts Archie.  They both think they are the boss.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Want proof?  Not some esoteric spiritual proof, but hard evidence?  Proof that the non-spiritual use every day?   Proof hiding in plain sight?  My high school football coach played pro football for the Washington Redskins.  He was a hard scrabble linebacker and I doubt that “spirit” was in his vocabulary.  My step father was a regular army paratrooper, 4 tours in Vietnam.  He played fullback for Wake Forest.  The only time I saw him in church was the day he married my mother and the day of her funeral.  Again, “spirit” was not part of his vernacular.

Yet, both the coach and the Colonel knew more than they realized.  Both told me to visualize what you want the body to do and it will happen.  Whether it’s blowing a hole through the front line, both on the field and in the jungle, sinking a thirty-foot putt, or making that winning shot from half court, visualize what you want to happen and the body will follow.  Works in yoga, too!  Of course, the body needs training, but that’s how all the big moments happen.  Visualize and the body will follow.   Every individual that uses their body at a high level will tell you the same thing.

So, the body ain’t the boss, neither is Archie.  Then who or what is?  It’s not the mind either.  Sit and try to visualize anything inside your mind.  Can’t happen.  Visualization comes from the third eye, it is actually outside of the body.  Sit and practice visualizing anything and you will know this to be true.  This ability flows from your Higher Self.  Visualization comes from Consciousness.

Sit, close your eyes and meditate.  Once you are still and your monkey mind is clear, visualize your body as it sits in meditation.  See yourself sitting in meditation.  Now watch as your body blows away in a gentle breeze as if it was made of sand.  Yet, once all the sand has been blown away, you are still there, looking at the place where your body once sat.  What is left is the real you, your Higher Self, Consciousness.  That pile of sand is only in control if you allow it to be in control.

We are not bodies and brains.  Those things are manifest by our Consciousness to create the world we live in.  Consciousness leads the way.  Consciousness is the real boss.  You are in control of your life, not this world, this body, or the drama that swirls around you.  Your real self is in control, your Higher Self.

Do you understand?  If your body leads the way, it is only because you allow it.  Your Higher Self allows your body to think it is in control because you have allowed it to happen.  It is no different than when I allow Archie to stand on my chest or run down the beach.  Allowing your body to control your life is no different than allowing a redheaded poodle to control your life.

Give control back to your Higher Self.  Go within, ask for guidance and trust the direction you are given.

Now we are doing yoga…


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