I have been bothered for some time by the polarization of the world today.  Depending on which news source one listens to, the reporting on the same subject is 180 degrees apart from the other.  I am unable to find any middle ground or any reporting that simply presents the facts without the spin from either the far right or the far left.


This stark duality where the opposite side’s beliefs and opinions are ridiculed does not seem to provide a way forward that includes all aspects of humanity.  It’s almost as if the yin and yang no longer touch in the middle.  From my perspective here in the thick of it all, it seems like we are coming apart.  Have we actually lost the bond that unites us as human beings?


With no answers other than the knowing that any real answers are beyond this feeble mind, I did as instructed.  I asked Spirit for guidance.   Through meditation I presented my question and then waited for an answer.  There is no wrong way to do this, just quiet your mind, focus on your third eye and then present whatever you want.


The only “rule” is to be honest with yourself and earnest in your desire.  You are a part of Source itself.  It is your right to be connected and access higher realms of understanding.  Claim it for yourself and know that you will be answered.  Perhaps the answer will not be what you want, or not in the format you expect, but it will come.  It may be at a later time or it may come through someone else.


You will know when your answer is given, but you must listen.  Be open to receiving and allow it to come to you.  As frustrating as it may be, understand that you cannot go and get the answer, you must allow it to come to you. Relax into the knowing.


My answer came, but it was not what I expected…..


Oatmeal.  My answer was a big steaming bowl of oatmeal.  I was more than a little taken back as I studied the image that was presented to me.  It was in a large glass bowl and it was topped with raisins on one half and nuts on the other.  The raisins and nuts were carefully placed so that neither crossed into the other half of the bowl.  At that point, Spirit asked me a question.  Are you a raisin or are you a nut?


Clearly the “right” answer was that I was a raisin.  I would hate to admit that I was a nut. But I digress.  I didn’t want to be either one.  I wanted to be in the middle, but that wasn’t a choice.  I struggled with this for some time before the answer presented itself to me.


In this plane of existence, a select few of us are raisins and a select few of us are nuts. However, those are only the most visible, the surface of humanity.  But if you look just below the surface you find the vast tapestry of human consciousness.  What you find under the nuts is surprisingly similar to what you find under the raisins.  The totality of the bowl of oatmeal is who we are.  Rough cut, each piece slightly different from the other, but we are all part of the whole.  Every part in the bowl is essential.  The oats, the milk, the butter, the sugar, the water, the heat, even the raisins and the nuts are all needed to make the bowl of oatmeal and no single part can stand on its own.


The arrangement of the ingredients can be easily rearranged with a quick stir of the spoon.  It doesn’t change the whole, just our perception of it.  We are being stirred right now.  That’ s why everything seems uncomfortable.  We are finding our new order within the bowl of human consciousness.


Yes, the rules are changing and it is at a level that is outside of our control.  This sounds quite frightening, but there is nothing to fear.  We are evolving, we are changing our perception of who we are and our perception of reality itself.


No one in this bowl of consciousness is wrong, we are just different and perceive the whole from a different place and that place is currently in transition.  Remember to respect the doubts and fears of those that can only see the chaos.  Send them what we all truly seek; to be safe, loved and nurtured, nothing more.


It is only through Love and understanding that we will evolve into the humanity that we are meant to be.


Now we are doing yoga….




Blair is the co-owner of Yoga Daily in Mt. Pleasant, SC.   He is a certified yoga instructor, recovering lawyer and a spiritual student.  The content of this blog is what Blair considers to be universal truths that span all dogma and religion and it is offered to you in Love and Light.  Check out The Daily Yogi for additional blog entries.  You can contact Blair at blair@yogadailymountpleasant.com.  Yoga is but one path to the knowing that we are all One.  Please take what resonates with you and leave the rest without judgement or offense.