We are all kindred spirits, we all long to be loved and accepted for who we are.  This is a kindred spirit mailbox on the beach at the Isle of Palms.  While I might provide it with pen and paper, it belongs to the beach and those that pass by.  It was set up the first week of September of 2019,  just before hurricane Dorian passed off shore.  The mailbox survived the storm with just 1 small leak.


Below is a compilation of some of the messages left in the mailbox.  I transcribed them verbatim.  As different as we all seem, it is amazing how similar we all are at our core.


I grew up being told that words don’t matter, only actions. “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”.  That’s not true.  It’s a lie.  The words do matter. Behind each word is the author’s thoughts and intention.  Words carry the energy of thoughts that lead to action, both good and bad.  Words are much more powerful than any action.  The words of world leaders over the last century proves the point.


The following words matter.  Maybe the words don’t flow well, the grammar may not be perfect, but that’s not important. It’s the Love and intention of the authors behind the words that is important.  The words represent the Love and Light of the author.


Read these words and feel the energy that radiates from them.  See yourself sitting on that bench writing the words and you will feel the Love and Light of those that penned them.


Know that the Light in me is, in fact, that same Light that is in you and all of us.



“Thank you for sharing your beach for all to enjoy!”


“Wind in my hair

Salt in the air

I feel the breeze

For tonight set me free

It’s like I’m lost at sea

But the clouds are guiding me…”


“The waves bring peace

The sky and sunset always

Remind us of God’s Love and

We know He is always there”


“Love in 2020; open our hearts; no anger”


“God answers prayers if we only have faith,

Please heal my daughter.

Enjoy all God’s gifts!”


“We released a pelican that we had cared for one month.  Flew back into his envirnment.

Thanks be to God”


“Why is this box here?”  Cooper David


“We are at the beach, we are playing!”  Jake, age 3


“The beach is the best!”  Oliver, age 8


“Love the beach” Conner


“The beach is awsome”  Hope, age 3


“Happy New Year!

May you be blessed by the Source in 2020, Namaste”


“Be the change if you want to make the world a better place”


“Enjoy Today – we may noy have tomorrow – Love true, Love hard, give more and don’t hold back”


“Jeanette was here”


“Blessed this day and whatever you do, take care of your shoes!” Judah


“May the waves wash over you and bring your mind, body and soul peace”  The Thomas Clan + Papa Joe


“Hello to whomever is reading this.  It’s my boyfriend’s birthday tomorrow.  He’s the best and pretty cool.  Yeah.  I hope everyone is having a good day b/c everyone needs to be happy so smile!!!”


“Strength is found in the ocean’s roar giving praise to our lord

If the mountains/waves roar so will I”


“When you watch the waves crash against the sand remember and marvel at the goodness of the Lord!”


“Sit.  Close your eyes.  Listen.  What do you hear?

The ocean whispers to us,

Tells us things for our ears,

And our ears alone”


“It’s a beautiful morning

I’ve taken sunrise walks many,

many times, this is the

first time I noticed this special mailbox.


Every sunrise is a brand new day.

It’s a clean slate to do whatever you want.

Reinvent yourself, reflect, restore

Forgive, Dream, Reset

Any, or all of the above, or more…


May the sounds of the ocean
And the warm rays of a newly
Risen sun bring peace to your heart”


“Live life to THE FULLEST!” Addison


“Stumbled upon this notepad while watching the sunrise with my man.  Thoroughly enjoyed it and its meaning.  We love IOP all the way from Cleveland.  Thankful for the beautiful weather, good health, and the love ones I have around us.  I hope this notepad keeps going spreading positivity and love!  To that I leave with:  You are always enough and though times may get rough there is always nothing you cant handle”.


“Beautiful, cool morning.  Few on the beach for sunrise.  Enjoyed the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore, the light breeze and the seagulls calling.  Such a peaceful morning.  Blessed beyond measure!   Low humidity, 64 degrees – perfect beach morning and great football weather – night game will make it even better.  Surrounded by special friends and family – encircled with abundance, love.”


“We survived Dorian!!  It’s a beautiful day on IOP.  The locals know going to the beach after a hurricane is the best!”  The West Family


“To strive to do, to dream and to never yield”


“Day after Dorian:  We are blessed to have our island survive another storm, God is Good!”


“Life advice in love and war…..argue naked!”


“There is a vortex of Love around you.  Just because you can fly, its doesn’t mean you are not grounded!”


“HELLO…Is It Me You Are Looking For?!”


“Surrender!  Not to let the waves overtake you, but to appreciate the ebb and flow of the tides and the beauty of all in between.  This is my prayer for myself and all.”  


Now we are doing yoga…..



Blair is the co-owner of Yoga Daily in Mt. Pleasant, SC.   He is a certified yoga instructor, recovering lawyer and a spiritual student.  The content of this blog is what Blair considers to be universal truths that span all dogma and religion and it is offered to you in Love and Light.  Check out The Daily Yogi for additional blog entries.  You can contact Blair at blair@yogadailymountpleasant.com.  Yoga is but one path to the knowing that we are all one.  Please take what resonates with you and leave the rest without judgment or offense.