To follow up on last week…..Your Light Body or MerKaBa is the vehicle that consciousness (that means You) uses to experience this 3 dimensional world.   It is roughly 60 feet in diameter and its existence can be verified by science.  The electromagnetic field of the MerKaBa is measurable and exist for all of us, for all living things.  It is our true body in this world, our visible body sits within the MerKaBa.


For this discussion, the MerKaBa is made up of three major fields of energy that interact and come together to form the Light Body.  Those fields are the physical body/LIVE, the emotional body/LOVE and the mental body/KNOW.  To be a fully functioning being in this world, all three must be explored, understood and balanced.


The poem on the wall at Yoga Daily is describing the LightBody and the balance that is needed.  All three aspects of the LightBody are incorporated into the words and structure of LIVE LOVE KNOW:



You Are Here To Live Life To Its Fullest


Yes, we are here to live life to its fullest, but to do that we must strive to balance our being in this existence so that we can, in fact, fully appreciate and experience this life.




Do Not Seek A Life Of Nothing But Contemplation And Meditation,

Explore All That Is Around You.


This verse is talking about our physical body, the window that our consciousness uses to experience this world.  In many ways it would be much easier to live in a cave high up in the mountains and do nothing but meditate and contemplate existence.   While this is available to you, it does a disservice to why you are here.


You are put on this earth to use your gifts that are available to you.  Your body is a big one!  Use it.  Explore.  Feel all that is good as well as the pain.  Taste.  Smell.  Hear.  Touch.  See.  Use your body to its full potential, whatever that might be.  But in the process, care for and maintain your body so that it can serve you.  An asana practice can be a large part of balancing your physical body.




Feel All That Can Be Felt,

Seek Out All Things That Interest You,

Radiate Only Love To Those That Walk With You.


This verse addresses your emotional body.  It’s OK to feel anger, hatred, and fear as stepping stones to understanding those emotions and balancing your emotional body with unconditional love.  This is much more difficult than going on a diet or starting an exercise routine.  Don’t shy away from your emotions whatever they are.  Embrace them, own them, understand where they come from.  Only then can you let them go.


A strong meditation practice helps.  Through meditation, visualize whatever it is that creates strong emotions for you.  Perhaps its someone that you only feel hate for.  Feel the hate and visualize that individual.  Now allow yourself to realize that this individual is a part of your journey and a part of the lessons that are for you to learn.


Embrace the hate and the individual.  Thank both for participating in your journey and for presenting this lesson.  Do so with unconditional love.  Send the emerald green light of unconditional love to the entire situation.  Once you can do this with sincerity and without reservation, release the hate and watch it dissolve.  Continue to radiate only Love to this individual that has shared the path of life with you.


I know, it is hard and seems impossible.  Do it one step at a time.   Start with the small anger, hatred, disappointment, jealousy or envy.  We are all “human” and we all have these emotions, all of us.


As you work through the small ones and build up to the big ones three things happen.  1.  It gets easier, it really does.  2.  Your emotional body comes into balance and starts to interact in a balanced way with your physical body.   Get it?  Balance your emotional body and your physical body will come along for the ride.  Can’t be any other way because the two systems are entangled.  3.  This is the really big one.  Your physical, mental and emotional bodies are not only entangled with each other within your LightBody, they are also entangled with all those that walk this life with you.  So yourbalancing benefits your interaction with everyone!


Those around you will sense that you are balanced and they will radiate back to you that same Love you are sending them.  As you ponder this statement (thanks for the comment last week), think about that individual you know that never seems happy.  Nothing ever suits them and the world is always out to get them.  You can feel their mood, the whole room changes when they are in it.  You can’t deny it happens, but why?  It’s because your LightBody is entangled with theirs.  You experience in a small way their imbalance which makes you uncomfortable.  That is why the last line of this verse is so important.  Radiate only Love to those that walk with you.  To do otherwise will negatively affect you and everyone around you.


We have all been less than perfect and we have all radiated something less that Love.  I know I have!  That’s OK, it’s doesn’t mean you have failed or that you are doomed to pay back your sins on some never ending wheel of karma.  Just release your judgments.  Put down your pile of brown sticks.  You have the ability and the power to fix all of it.  Read that sentence again.  You have the ability and power to fix all of it.  Through your intention and meditation you can send Love and Light to any past event that haunts you and instantly correct it.  Would an all knowing, unconditionally Loving Creator have it any other way?


The Creator is indeed inside each and every one of you.  Claim your inheritance and balance your LightBody so that others can follow your path.




Know That When You Celebrate, I Dance With You,

Know That When You Cry, I Hold You,

Know That When You Become Lost, I Am With You,

Know That When You Are Ready To Come Home, I Will Guide You.


Now we come to your mental body.  What do you know, I mean really know?  The root of all fear in this world comes from a lack of knowing.  Read the above verse again.  If you truly know these things, how can you possibly fear anything again?  You are not alone, your achievements and failures are acknowledged and celebrated with you,  you can’t lose your way unless you chose to do so and when you are ready you can go Home.  Knowing all this, how can you be harmed in anyway?  Fear?  What fear, it only exist as a consequence of our own creation.


You create fear through the imbalance of your mental body which in turn creates imbalance in your entire LightBody as well as those around you.  We chose to forget so that fear can come in.  We create the illusion of fear all the time, that’s why horror movies are so popular.  But if we forget that fear is only an illusion, it can destroy our lives.   This last verse is telling us that there is nothing to fear, ever.  Balance, as set forth above, destroys all fear.


Without fear, we are free to Love unconditionally and explore all aspects of our existence.  Our MerKaBa/LightBody is balanced.  We become the complete package of the physical/emotional/mental being we are meant to be.  Only then can we truly “live this life to its fullest”.


Now we are doing yoga….



Blair is the co-owner of Yoga Daily in Mt. Pleasant, SC.   He is a certified yoga instructor, recovering lawyer and a spiritual student.  The content of this blog is what Blair considers to be universal truths that span all dogma and religion and it is offered to you in Love and Light.  Check out The Daily Yogi for additional blog entries.  You can contact Blair at  Yoga is but one path to the knowing that we are all One.  Please take what resonates with you and leave the rest without judgment or offense.