Feel the energy that flows through your body this day.  The hum of the body is real.  All of us “hum”; we just don’t all perceive it.  Before you can reach out to others, before you can expand your awareness past your individual self, you must be able to feel your own energy as it flows through your body.


Sit quietly and focus on your breath.  Be aware of your body, your heartbeat, your presence.  As you release your mind, your conscious thoughts, you will become aware of your spiritual “body”.


It is separate from your physical body and it feels like a hum or vibration.  That hum is closer to the real you than what you see in the mirror.


You are a part of the vast infinity of Creation and you are connected to All just as every wave is a part of the ocean.  Know who you are.  You are a Holy Child of Source.  As a part of Source, how can you be anything but perfect?  How can you be anything but free of sin?  How can you be anything but loved?


In time you will realize these questions as obvious truths.   The Creator, Source is not complete without you.



Blair is the co-owner of Yoga Daily in Mt. Pleasant, SC.   He is a certified yoga instructor, a recovering lawyer, and a spiritual student.  The content of this blog is what Blair considers to be universal truths that span all dogma and religion and it is offered to you in Love and Light.  Check out The Daily Yogi for additional blog entries.  You can contact Blair at blair@yogadailymountpleasant.com.  Yoga is but one path to the knowing that we are all one.  Please take what resonates with you and leave the rest without judgment or offense.