This is a hard one to understand.  We are creator beings, we are a part of the Creator/Source just like a glass of ocean water is a part of the ocean.  As such, we create.  We create our entire life, we have no choice in the matter just like fish have no choice but to swim their entire lives.  It is who we are.

As a result, everything that happens to you is part of your creation.  All the drama, the hurt, the sadness, the fear, the celebration, the joy, the security – everything that is in our lives is a part of our individual creation and our responsibility.  We create it and we live in it to experience all that we can experience.  But make no mistake, all of it is happening with you at the wheel.  It’s your bus, no matter what it is full of….


Sorry, it’s too late.  You came to this rock from the Creator as a creator.  Woodchucks came to chuck wood, you came to create.  We all did.  If you give the wheel to Jesus, you have created a life where you are allowing others to decide for you.  You are creating a life of servitude to do the bidding of others.  Major religions have been created and twisted by the few to get the many to work for and support their ideas.  In doing so, many have created for themselves a life of victimhood.

Did you know that in January of 2000, the Pope apologized to the world for the Catholic Church making up/creating the concept of hell and purgatory?  Who do you think thought up tithing?

Of course, there is nothing wrong with being a part of organized religion.  The comfort and security are what some people crave and that’s a good thing.  But own your life and creation whatever it maybe.  Know that you can change it at any time it stops working for you.  We never stop creating.

How about the 60-year-olds that are overweight, lonely or hurt all the time.  They pray for friends, to lose weight, to feel better.  In reality, their prayers have been answered.  They have prayed for and created a life where they need to lose weight, need friends or need to stop hurting.  The Universe will give the creator exactly what the creator ask for.  You “want to lose weight”, you will find yourself in a perpetual cycle of wanting to lose weight.  That’s the way it works.  Same with those sitting around waiting to die, that’s what they get!  Funny that those that constantly worry about protecting their stuff are the ones that are constantly the target of theft.

Point is, we are very powerful creators.  Little wonder given where we come from!  The responsibility to create your life is yours.  No one can change that.  Be aware of your power to create and create what you want, not what someone else wants.  Within the seeming “random chaos” you have the ability to manifest the life that suits your needs and desires.

I am reminded often of the poem on the studio wall, Live Love Know.  If you are not familiar with it, see my article from June 7, 2019.  We are quite literally here to live life to its fullest!  Explore everything that excites you!!  To do that you need to create your life around that which is important to you.  If it doesn’t make your heart sing, don’t create it!  Create something else.  Know that the Creator is always with you, but you have the wheel.

I know it’s not as easy as that.  Our lives and circumstances are sometimes years in the making.  Undoing some situations may take time.  The first step is recognizing you are driving the bus.  Do you accept that?  Now with clear intention work to get where you want to be.  You cannot fail, but you can create that which no longer serves you.  However, know that you are exactly where you need to be at any given time.  If that place where you are allows you to ultimately embrace your inheritance as a creator, that place has served you well.


Blair is the co-owner of Yoga Daily in Mt. Pleasant, SC.   He is a certified yoga instructor, a recovering lawyer, and a spiritual student.  The content of this blog is what Blair considers to be universal truths that span all dogma and religion and it is offered to you in Love and Light.  Check out The Daily Yogi for additional blog entries.  You can contact Blair at  Yoga is but one path to knowing that we are all one.  Please take what resonates with you and leave the rest without judgment or offense.